Ready to launch? Consider a press release as your first Marketing Tool!

Posted on March 11, 2014

Are you ready to tell the world about your new product or business?
Did you just make a key hire or win a big contract?

Even if you don’t think the rest of the world will consider what you’ve done hard news, consider issuing a press release.  There is a lot of sites out there that can help you write a good press release (or you could ask us!), so let’s focus on the steps you can take to maximize the marketing value of your press release.

1.       Pay to have it distributed

There a number of different services that can help you distribute your press release, both online and to traditional media.  They have different services and price points, but any of them will extend the reach of your press release (particularly online) much further than you could do on your own.  Some services will also help you optimize your release for search.  A good synopsis of some of those services is here.

2.       Send directly to relevant media (both traditional and online)

If there is a particular media outlet or blogger that you want you want to cover your news, make sure it is going to be relevant to them, then go online to find their contact information, write a good cover note and send the release directly to them.  For the more important contacts, you may want to reach out to them on the phone after sending an email.  The personal touch can still work in the age of technology!

3.       Share via social media

Post the release on your own website and then link to it on all your social media channels.  Maximize your exposure by using appropriate hashtags!

4.       Email to contacts

Share the press release with your contacts – it might be clients, prospects or friends – via email.  To ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, write a unique note to each contact and make sure that they know they can share the release with anyone that might be interested.

5.       Follow-up

If your press release results in a good newspaper article or is covered by an influential blogger, let people know!  Share through your social media channels and email it to your contacts!  It gives you another opportunity to communicate your message!

A simple press release can often be an inexpensive, quick way to get your “news” out!

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