Delaware’s professional sports aren’t “minor league” in promotions!

Posted on February 17, 2015

“Minor league” sports are fantastic. Not only do you typically get more bang for your buck than at major league sporting events – there tends to be end-to-end entertainment on the court or field from the time you walk into arena or stadium.

Case in point are the State of Delaware’s two professional franchises – the Delaware 87ers and the Wilmington Blue Rocks. The Sevens play in the NBA Development league (and obviously owned by the Philadelphia 76ers). The Blue Rocks are the Class A Advanced affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

These two franchises are always thinking outside the box in terms of promotions and entertainment value. My favorite example was executed by the Blue Rocks earlier this week. Tickets for 2015 Blue Rocks games went on sale this Monday morning. blue rocksAs is their annual tradition, they tied the price of select Opening Day tickets to the temperature…in cents. It was a whopping 4 degrees at 8 am, which means a family of four can see Opening Day for 16 cents! Pretty sure there has never been a better deal in sports. Not only is this promotion going to fill to lead to a big crowd, there has been good local media buzz both before and during the event the Twitterverse has also given the thumbs up to the promotion – the promotion even made ESPN.



The 87ers have less of a history in the state – they are only in their second year of operation and play on the U of D campus at the Bob Carpenter Center. This requires them to be creative to establish a presence. The Sevens are all about fan experience. You can participate in everything from singing the national anthem, being in the locker room for the pregame “Chalk Talk” or high-fiving the players on the way out to the court. They are extremely creative about the packages and experiences that they put together for their fans. This is in addition to many of the other promotions that they run.

Minor league sports require major league promotions. These kind of promotions may not be exactly right for your business, but don’t be afraid to try something new and take a calculated risk to think outside of your current promotional box!

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