National Fun Day @ Work – missed it, but got it

Posted on February 11, 2015


Recently I was doing some research on behalf of a client into when various days, weeks and months are celebrated. While scouring through a number of web sites, I discovered that National Fun Day at Work had been celebrated on January 28, 2015. Who knew?

It got me thinking.  When I worked in Corporate America, there were lots of different team building events – we would paint murals or pack school backpacks for charity or maybe we would go bowling for Halloween and teams would dress up. While in the agency world we also did some of those things, although the team building activities seemed to more often involve a party. Regardless, these fun activities also had a business purpose – they brought people together and strengthened the team bond by either working towards a common goal or celebrating success.

I started thinking about how to celebrate National Fun Day @ Work in a small business. Here are some thoughts:

  • Make sure you are doing something you love. Sounds simple, but it is a key first step
  • Find others like you and organize a different kind of networking event – often the groups that we belong to organize very standard networking events.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t be afraid to throw a different, fun networking event in there as well
  • Celebrate successes with those that helped you achieve them.  It doesn’t need to be extravagant but it will be noticed!
  • Schedule your fun.  Sounds counter intuitive, but organizing fun is hard work and sometimes not spontaneous. Put time in your calendar to do some things that make you and your team happy and energized
  • But….spontaneous fun can pay dividends as well.  If there is some down time (really?) don’t be afraid to occasionally fill it with a fun activity!

These are a couple thing that I’m trying to do.  As a small business owner, what do you do to ensure that you still have fun at work?

Me, having some fun while visiting a potential client…

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