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Richards Paving only Delaware company using infrared repair technology

New Castle, Del. — March 27, 2014 — Constant freezing and thawing and near record-setting snowfall this winter have left local roads, parking lots and sidewalks in a desperate need of repair. Drivers across the tri-state region know that there seems to be more potholes than ever before, as a result of those that have freshly opened up this winter and those that have reappeared as a result from being poorly patched in the past. Fortunately, locally-owned Richards Paving uses an infrared technology that repairs dangerous potholes more quickly while lasting longer and having less of an impact on the environment.

“This winter has been especially brutal on our roads,” said Richard Piendak, founder and owner of Richards Paving, “Traditional methods just patch potholes which allows water to seep in the seams and open them up again the following winter or sometimes even sooner. Our infrared technology heats up the asphalt and makes the seam between the existing and new asphalt as solid as the original.”

The non-damaged asphalt is heated up and melted by a large machine, which looks like a giant flat iron, making the existing surface flexible and reusable. The area is raked and if needed, filled with recycled hot asphalt to level the area. A special rejuvenator formula is applied to enable the new area to bond to the existing asphalt. The entire area is then compacted and rolled to ensure a smooth transition for drivers.

Conventional methods of patching requires significant amount of machinery, material and manpower, often taking up to four hours to patch the pothole and then waiting another two hours until drivers can pass over the area. By comparison, the average time to repair a pothole using the infrared process is 15 minutes with the surface being ready for traffic in as little as 30 minutes after completion. Infrared paving can be done at any time of the day or night to minimize disruption to employees, customers or homeowners.

“Whether for residential or commercial properties, repairing and not patching potholes is a smart longer-term investment,” said Piendak, “Using this advanced technology virtually guarantees that you won’t have the inconvenience of continued patching season after season.”

Infrared repair is appropriate in the approximately 75 percent of potholes that do not need a new stone base. If a new stone base is needed, excavation will be required.

Richards Paving offers a free demonstration of its infrared paving technology. Those interested in a demonstration can sign up by calling 302-328-5828 or by visiting

About Richards Paving
Richards Paving was founded in New Castle, Delaware in 1973 by Delaware native Richard Piendak. In 1997, Richards Paving added an asphalt plant to its operations, manufacturing refined asphalt products, allowing the company to service customers end-to-end in the paving process. Over the past 40 plus years, Richards Paving has become a leading asphalt provider and residential and commercial paver to high-profile corporate, commercial, governmental and residential clients across the East Coast. In addition to paving services, Richards Paving offers concrete services and snow removal as well as selling top-grade paving products directly to the public and to commercial paving companies. More information about Richards Paving can be found at or 302-328-5828.

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