Brand Identity


As marketers dedicated to small and medium sized companies, we often hear “I don’t have the budget to be a brand” from our clients. We also hear “Only Fortune 500 companies have brands”.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. At TMD, we consider brands to be a promise that you make to your customers over time. More than just a logo or a flashy business card, good brands consistently keep their promise at every customer touch point with your company. Once your company makes a claim, it’s critical that you stand behind it or your brand breaks down.

Let’s say a mid-sized company makes the claim “nobody beats our customer service”. Once they’ve made that claim it’s vital to be ready to have everything in place to support it. One bad experience, and that customer will tell friends, family and everyone they meet.

TMD can ensure that your company has all your brand elements in place, so you’re prepared to build lasting relationships with customers and grow business. It doesn’t happen overnight, but TMD can help you establish your company as the definitive brand in your industry.