Inbound Marketing


Inbound Marketing

If your company isn’t on the web, you’re losing marketshare. If your company is on the web, but doesn’t have the latest in SEO and a solid content marketing, you’re losing marketshare. The trickiest part of interactive marketing is the constantly changing nature of search algorythems, nuances in title tagging and keyword phrase placement and how customers can find your website with an organic search query. If you don’t have time to read the latest periodicals, blog posts and whitepapers about what’s new today on the web…don’t worry. TMD handles that for you. TMD has an expert staff to handle your Inbound Marketing: fine-tuning your site, your code…and your content to be found most often when a potential customer searches on the web. Our goal: make your company the definitive authority within your industry online.

I. Marketing Strategy

Whether you are working on generating more leads or boosting your brand, our inbound marketing strategy will help your business stand out from the crowd. You wouldn’t drive cross-country without a map, right? The same goes for your business. TMD will analyze your goals, target customers, budget and deadline to create a customized action plan to help take you where you want to go.

II. Lead Generation Program

Your website looks sharp and your contact list is packed with names, so why does your bottom line keep shrinking? Chances are you have done a great job accumulating contacts but what your company needs is a way to use that information to generate strong leads that convert your prospects into buyers.

  1. KNOW: We combine keywords, link building, SEO and social media to rank higher in Google search and reach your customers
  2. CONNECT: Give people a reason to visit your website by offering compelling content they like and trust.
  3. CONVERT: Develop effective landing pages that collect names, contact info and permission to communicate with prospects.
  4. ENGAGE: Invite prospects to experience what makes you remarkable by offering relevant content and quality offers. Encourage website visitors to comment and respond to Facebook, Twitter and blog posts.
  5. BUY AND REFER: An exceptional inbound marketing plan converts prospects into repeat buyers who refer your business to everyone they know.

III. Website Design

It will take you longer to read this sentence than it does for a visitor to decide whether to stay on your website or hit the “back” button. Your prospects are looking for smart content that is visually compelling and informative. Our specialists will develop a new website or transform your existing one into a rock-solid lead generating hub packed with quality content, relevant offers and optimized landing pages.

IV. Content Management

Content is key to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Compelling, engaging and informative content works to build your brand, boost website traffic and generate business leads. At The Marketing Department, we will research and write smart, relevant content that draws prospects to your business. This includes articles, blogs, e-books, email marketing, landing pages, newsletters, press releases, social media campaigns, website materials and white papers.

V. SEO/Content Searching

Everyone and their dog has a website these days. But just having a URL is not enough. Our SEO strategies will help establish your company as a thought leader by changing your website from a static, online brochure into a living, breathing, tail-wagging advocate for you in your marketplace.

VI. Measure Data

Your success is our success. Once we have all the crucial elements in place, we track everything so you understand clearly the ROI of your relationship with The Marketing Department. Is a campaign really working? Do visitors click on the website? What are the benefits of blogging? What’s the value of a new website design? Our detailed performance reports will give you all the answers you need about your customized inbound marketing program.