Case Study: PPT Solutions

PPT Solutions is a sales and management consultancy with a focus in financial services, insurance and telco industries. PPT’s consulting expertise centers on creating and implementing strategic action plans that identify market opportunities, the introduction of state-of-the-art programs, and the negotiation of strategic partnerships. Opportunity: To burnish PPT Solutions brand perception and promote clear understanding of their ...

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Case Study: DOCS

Dentrust Optimized Care Solutions is a mobile healthcare company that is meeting the needs of the underserved and mission-essential with comprehensive health care services that are delivered on-site. Problem: The Dentrust name was known to consumers as a specific mobile provider of dentistry for corporations. The client’s goal was to expand their military vertical into health care as well as dental and needed the brand to encompass ...

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Case Study: CitizenPoints

CitizenPoints is a not-for-profit organization focused on strengthening volunteerism in communities through the use of technology that encourages collaboration and provides rewards to those who volunteer. Problem: CitizenPoints needed to increase awareness and gain financial support from businesses, non-profit agencies, and volunteers in order to launch this offering nationally. Solution: The Marketing Department developed the brand ...

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