Case Study: DOCS

Dentrust Optimized Care Solutions is a mobile healthcare company that is meeting the needs of the underserved and mission-essential with comprehensive health care services that are delivered on-site.

Problem: The Dentrust name was known to consumers as a specific mobile provider of dentistry for corporations. The client’s
goal was to expand their military vertical into health care as well as dental and needed the brand to encompass both.

Solution: Dentrust hired The Marketing Department to be their in-house Agency of Record where TMD physically spends 1 day
per week at the Dentrust office to develop a new brand and marketing campaign that would allow Dentrust to excel in
its industry.


  • Reintroduced Dentrust as DOCS (Dentrust Optimized Care Solutions)
  • Gained new territory for OHIP (Oral Health Impact Program) and Military Divisions
  • Unified look and feel across all communications
  • Excelled into the consumer dental market, client is now purchasing dental practices across the United States