TMD DE is on the air! Is TV advertising right for you too?

Posted on June 1, 2014

A solid television ad campaign remains a great way to build your brand and reinforce your positioning in the marketplace. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs don’t take advantage of the medium. With Americans watching about 147 hours of television video a month, it’s important to get your message in front of them. Recently, at TMD Delaware, we decided to use local cable advertising to help build our brand within the state. Here are three reasons why we took the plunge and why you might consider it too.

  1. Your customers need to know about you before they consider purchasing and in a multi-channel universe you can target your desired customer with TV. You’ll see our ad on news, sports and not surprisingly, during Shark Tank reruns on CNBC on Tuesday nights. And you will only see us in Delaware. That’s what our target audience is watching. We are reaching the right customers. For you, the combination might include Bravo, Lifetime or SyFy. It might also include Chester or Delaware counties in PA. Your campaign is highly customizable and flexible.

  2. Buying cable TV advertising is good value. Because you are buying advertising in a relatively small geographic area (in our case Delaware) and on specific channels, cable TV advertising is very affordable. This isn’t like buying a Super Bowl ad, or advertising nationwide during 60 Minutes. Writing, filming and editing a good commercial is also less expensive than most people think.

  3. You’ve got a reusable video asset. TV advertising is only one part of our marketing plan, but we have a video asset we can use in multiple places. You’ll see it on our website, our blog and we will take it to tradeshows to show on a tablet etc. It explains our position in the marketplace succinctly. In today’s world – you can’t beat video.

Those are some of the reasons we are launching TMD DE into the world of television advertising as a component of our marketing plan.

If you want to discuss using television as a part of a marketing plan or want to review your marketing in general – sign up for your free marketing consultation!

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